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Strong Foundations Are Storm Proof

GXT provide industry standard teacher training in both Yoga & fitness.

The GXT Studio is a show case for our teacher training and an an opportunity for you to take class with our presenting team.

Jayne Nicholls, multi award winning owner and director of GXT commands a unique position in Yoga & Fitness.

Never content to follow conventional methods, her passion for original thinking is the foundation for the Freestyle Yoga brand created in 2000 and responsible for Freestyle Fitness Yoga the UK’s leading contemporary Yoga program designed specifically for qualified instructors, white-labeled as Nova for Virgin Active and the Yoga of choice for both teachers and operators. Jayne provides an occupational journey from entry level to full Yoga Teacher Training for anyone who loves Yoga and is keen to share it.

Jayne champions the working instructor providing qualifications and developing programs that allow both emotional and financial rewards. Something of an entrepreneur in the fitness industry she has created a business out of a passion. Starting as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer, Jayne has never been employed, never taught third party programs and always searched for a “better way.” This mind set paved the way for long term sponsorship by Nike as a Fitness Athlete, Red Bull, repeat bookings as a presenter and speaker at conventions and events nationwide. Her leadership demonstrates that you can be both an instructor and a business person and her longevity in the industry provides a proven track record for success.

Co owner of iGuru Athleisurewear Ltd, Jayne has realised a long term ambition of designing and producing a fitness clothing brand. Currently on it’s first base layer collection, the monochrome range excels in both quality and performance. They add colour with limited edition printed sweats and t-shirts.

Jayne says : “I have learned pretty much everything I know to be true from standing in front of a class and teaching what my head and my heart have to share. No school of business can teach you more than human interaction and a desire to change peoples lives. I have never wanted to sell to the masses and am happiest when just one person “gets it.” 

 Jayne was the first to combine Yoga & fitness in a branded program and says, “still a relatively new approach the amalgamation of science with received wisdom is a playground for anyone with imagination. Applying human function to a physical Yoga practice is fascinating, demonstrating every strength and weakness. Anyone competent in both methods will prove to be the future of modern Yoga.”

 Jayne's view of the current industry: “our industries have become standardised due to the formulaic approach of third party teaching. The large brands are a constant source of inspiration and community for instructors but they will never allow the single person to be financially, emotionally or professionally rewarded in their own right nor will they allow the end user to meet their potential”

Welcome to the GXT studio

"This is where the magic happens"

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